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Ukraine Countdown Day 4: Mosaics

This Countdown series was written and created with Instagram in mind. It has been republished here with little to no alteration.

Soviet propaganda on a monumental scale – Soviet soldiers protecting citizens from the west; sturdy peasants joyfully labouring in the field; Soviet glory in the Space Race; the prestige of scientists and engineers. Understandably, these displays of riotous colour do not spark as much joy in those who had to live through the Soviet Union, and as such many have fallen into a state of shitty-chic disrepair.

Southern Railway Station – Dnipro
Bus Stop – Side of the Highway
Institute for Nuclear Research – Kyiv
National Cancer Institute – Kyiv
Plekhanivs’ka St, 117 – Kharkiv
Opposite the National Opera House, Volodomyrska St. – Kyiv
Ukrtelekom Building – Zaporizhzhia
Bus Stop 2 – Side of the Highway
Shuliavska Metro Station – Kyiv
Lviv Medical University

Here’s a map I made of all the Soviet mosaics I’ve found in Kyiv. Click on the blue icon to see a photograph of the mosaic at that location.

You can read more about mosaics in Kharkiv or Dnipro.

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