Lost Lara

Dedicated to alternative travel, Lost Lara chronicles the morbid, the macabre, the Soviet and the straight-up strange.



I’m Lara. I’m Australian, but you’ll rarely find me there. Left home for London in 2014 and am currently based in Ukraine.

I’m cynical, sarcastic, and sometimes funny. I love eating random things (and eating in general), Soviet mosaics, craft beer, science fiction, good coffee and the positive stress that comes from travelling. My favourite tank is the T-34, which I feel I’ve told more people than is strictly necessary.

Will often wander into abandoned buildings, guilty of entering but never breaking. Have been obsessed with the macabre for as long as I can remember, much to my mother’s disappointment. Frequently give unsolicited lectures on Soviet history, serial killers, or a combination of both. If that doesn’t sound terrible, this might just be the blog for you. Lara

Disclaimer – Me and I are not necessarily the same person, nor do they necessarily refer to me or I, or indeed myself. Me and I are merely useful pronouns and may not be referring to anything in particular. The author certainly takes no responsibility for their use.


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