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Ukraine Countdown Day 10: Tanks

This Countdown series was written and created with Instagram in mind. It has been republished here with little to no alteration.

After living in Ukraine for the past 5 years, I’m finally moving on. To celebrate my last 10 days living in Ukraine, I’ve decided to create an utterly self-indulgent 10 day countdown celebrating the highlights and favourites of my time here. 

I can’t think of a Ukrainian city I’ve visited that didn’t sport a tank on a plinth somewhere near the centre of town. Usually a T34, sometimes an IS-9, these displays of Soviet military aggression often appear idiosyncratic (to the point of gauche), which is part of the reason why I love them.

Strategic Missile Forces Museum – Pervomaysk

You can read more about my trip to the Missile Forces Museum at Pervomaysk here.

Rodina Mat – Kyiv
Rodina Mat – Kyiv
Near Shuliavska Metro Station – Kyiv
Krivvy Roh
“Abandoned” Tank Graveyard – Kharkiv

You can read about the tank graveyard in Kharkiv here.

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