When you first start blogging, some of the advice your receive time and time again is to find your niche. As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t much that’s more of a niche than a guide to coffee shops in Dnipro, Ukraine. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve never thought much about Dnipro, let alone where to get a decent coffee. After living in London – where some sullen, apathetic barista presenting you with a cup of what, I presume, could have only been some old lady’s diarrhoea and then charge you five pounds for the pleasure was the gold standard of cafe life –  I can only describe coffee in Dnipro as a pleasant surprise.

Even if you don’t speak Russian, just say the English name for the type of coffee you want. I find it helps if you pretend you’re a villain from a Die Hard film. For example, flat white becomes “flet vayt”. Thank me later. At just about any cafe you see in Ukraine or Russia, there is something called a Raf Coffee. While every where seems to do it slightly differently, it’s a delightful, creamy, sugar filled cup of nonsense, usually featuring vanilla or cinnamon.

So, if you really are in Dnipro, and really do need to know where to get a good coffee then try one of the following. (I’m not nearly arrogant enough to call this a “best of” guide, because there are literally dozens of coffee shops in Dnipro and I really do only speak entry-level Russian.)

TAKE Coffee To Go

Dnipro Coffee lostlara.com

Address: vulytsia Barykadna, 5/7
Flat White: 24 UAH
Latte: 24 UAH


There’s a reason this place is called Take Coffee & Go – I’m literally standing outside of it when I took this photo. I would say there is room for an absolute maximum of 3 people who were good friends to stand inside at any given time. But the coffee is some of the best I’ve had anywhere in the world.

Tri Bobra (три бобра – Three Beavers)

Address: Prospekt Dmytra Yavornytskoho, 42 [Karla Marksa 42]
Flat white: 40 UAH
Latte: 35 UAH


Tri Bobra is cool. Like, Newtown cool, or Shoreditch cool. It’s exponentially too hip to be in downtown Dnipro, but somehow it is. Everything’s a paradox.


Address: Prospekt Dmytra Yavornytskoho, 46 [Karla Marksa 46]
Flat White: 55 UAH
Latte: 55 UAH


While slightly more expensive than other cafes in Dnipro, DoubleDecker has some of the tastiest cakes and desserts and the staff are so friendly and accommodating. Lots of seats available upstairs and you can usually find a vacant stool at the window.

Izbushka (избушка)

Dnipro Coffee lostlara.com

Address: Prospekt Dmytra Yavornytskoho, 71 [Karla Marksa 71] (Physical address is actually just off Karla Marksa on Voskresenska St.)
Flat White: 35
Latte: 25

While I like the coffee at Izbushka, when I walk past it is closed more often than not. If you’re in the area keep your eye out, but don’t make a special trip. It goes a step beyond Take Coffee & Go, in that you just order coffee through the window.

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